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Bearings of all types.


NBC holds an extremely large and diverse range of bearing stock featuring all types, and from a wide range of  manufacturers.

Apart from receiving new stock on a daily basis from a reliable network of international suppliers, we excel in buying joblots of bearings from around the world and have developed an extensive in-house interchange database. Much of this stock features older bearing styles and designs that are still in use in machines around the world.

For trade and branch customers this means access to a far bigger range of product than is usually on offer from smaller distributors. Whatever you are looking for, we probably have a variety of brands available at attractive prices.E-Mail Trade Sales now!

For OEM customers it means we can source bearings from a variety of sources and at competitive costs that still offersatisfactory performance in your application, yet save you money! . We're also big enough to cover annual contract demands. E-Mail OEM Sales now!

Looking for a catalogue? Try www.brg-catalogues.com 

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