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UCPA 200 (SNP/CNP) Series

The UCPA pillow block (RHP SNP series) consists of a bearing insert with a spherical outer diameter in a cast iron housing which features a shortened base with metic size tapped holes for mounting in confined spaces. The UCPA2A series (RHP CNP Series) has UNC mounting threads - but  these are not commonly used. The bearing is usually fixed to the shaft by means of two set screws in the extended portion of the inner ring.

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UCPA 200 Series       UC200 inserts     (= RHP SNP Series) / Setscrew locking collars/ Metric bolts

UCPA 200 A Series  (=RHP CNP Series) / setscrew locking collars / UNC bolts

If you are more familiar with the RHP Self-Lube numbering system, download this NSK-RHP Catalogue extract.

General operating limitations

Short base pillow block units are suited to applications with limited mounting space in which static misalignment of up to 2deg must be overcome, but are not well suited to high speed, dynamic misalignment applications where an internally aligning bearing sytem should be used.

Operating temperature range -20 to +100 Celsius. At temperatures above 70 Celsius grease degradation should be considered as the limiting factor. High temperature units are available.

The limiting speed is dependent upon the quality of shaft used (See Technical section).

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