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NBC Group Ltd

Orleton Lane, Wellington, Telford, TF1 2BG, Shropshire, ENGLAND

Registered in England 1373154 ; VAT number: GB 304 6860 66

The Operational and Sales Divisions run from our Telford Head Office, but we do have a small regional branch network. We've put a quick contact list below. and you can see us on our Google Map.

Trade & Export Sales

Servicing export customers and all trade customers throughout the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland

Phone: (Export sales):  +44 1952 245454          Email:  exports@nbcgroup.co.uk
Phone: (UK Sales)         01952 222400               Email:  sales@nbcgroup.co.uk
Fax: 01952 641325

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Sales

Servicing OEM customers throughout the United Kingdom and overseas
Phone: +44 (0) 1952 222300
Fax: +44 (0) 1952 242938    
E-mail: oemsales@nbcgroup.co.uk

Technical Department

Phone: 01952 222300
Fax:     01952 242938
E-mail: technical@nbcgroup.co.uk

Group Accounts

Phone: 01952 222201 
Fax:      01952 244121 
E-mail:  accounts@nbcgroup.co.uk 

Purchasing Department

Phone:  01952 222200 
Fax:      01952 245526 
E-mail:  purchasing@nbcgroup.co.uk

NBC Belfast

End user, trade and OEM accounts in Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland
20 Ravenhill Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT6 8EA
Phone:  028 907 32321
Fax:      028 907 31889
E-mail   belfast@nbcgroup.co.uk 

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, if you spot a mistake please inform the webmaster@nbcgroup.co.uk. Thanks!