QCB® Stainless Steel Bearing Units

To further complement our range of cast iron and thermoplastic bearing housings, a range of stainless steel housings is available.

With solid base housing bodies manufactured in AISI 304 stainless and bearing inserts in AISI 440 stainless, these housings offer maximum strength and corrosion resistance in wet and washdown areas, especially when used with optional SCC (Closed) or SCO (Open) end covers. 

QCB® Stainless bearing units are available in 4 styles and supplied with QCB® stainless inserts with bore sizes from 12-50mm and 1/2" to 2" from stock, with larger sizes and 1/16" increment bore sizes to special order.

The QCB® Stainless inserts are factory lubricated with Kluber PARALIQ GA343 food grade grease and are capable of working in environments at up to 120C.



SSUCP housing showing the SCC (Closed) and SCO (Open) end caps



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