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 Taper Grid Couplngs

 Type H                        Type V

Used in applications where high power and torque have to be transmitted in machinery with shock and vibration loads as well as shaft misalignment.

Taper grid couplings come in two basic styles:- Horizontal split or Vertical split (which have a slightly higher speed capability and are easier to fit in space restricted areas)


  • The taper grid, the wear part of the coupling, accomodates misalignment in 3 planes and acts as a damper, reducing transmitted vibration by up to 30%. It can also act as an overload device.
  • The grid is quickly replaced if required and as the 2 hubs require no resetting, realignment is unnecessary and downtime is minimised.
  • Always transmits 100% of the power with little noise
  • Interchangeable with other brands


Calculate the required design torque

 T = 9 549 x KW x SF / N
      KW = Power; N = rpm; SF = Service Factor (select from table)

  • Calculate design torque at the lowest operational rpm
  • If the load reverses double the calculated design torque

Select a coupling from the dimension tables with sufficient torque capacity that  can be machined to required shaft sizes.

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