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Classical V & Wedge Belts & Pulleys

NBC imports a wide range of belts and pulleys under our PTP brand. PTP belts are constructed from tough, long-lasting synthetic rubber reinforced with low elongation polyester cords. Good heat and oil resistance ensures long life in most industrial applications and environments.

PTP belts are manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified standards.

The PTP range of belts includes:-

Classical V-Belts:  (M(Z) ; A ; B & C Section
The most popular sections with long service in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Wedge V-Belts: SPZ ; SPA ; SPB & SPC European metric Sections
Sometimes referred to as "narrow belts", these meet BS3790, DIN7753 and RMA (IP22) specifications for more compact drivelines.

Cogged Raw-edge belts: XPZ ; XPA ; XPB and XPC Sections
These enable the use of small diameter pulleys and thus cost saving driveline designs. The cords are treated to increase bending fatigue.

To match the PTP belts, we offer a broad range of pulleys and taper lock bushes. Our technical staff can assist in belt and pulley selection depending on your application requirements.

Download our PDF V-Belt Pulley and Taper lock bush catalogs and taper lock fitting instructions

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