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QCB Slew drives

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QCB Slew Drive Systems

Slewing rings with integral worm gears are popular due to the simplicity of installation and are used in access platforms, solar tracking devices, small wind turbines (yaw axis) and simple materials handling devices.

NBC imports a range of slew drives and markets them under our QCB banner - your guarantee that we have quality checked the source.

These standard units are self-locking (i.e. the gear resists being back-driven by the load) and therefore do not generally require a brake (subject to the holdback torque being adequate).

Non-self locking or overrunning gears (available only to special order) can be back driven and will require a brake on the motor.

Please send full details of your enquiry by fax to +44 1952 242938 or e-mail 

OEM enquiries will be treated in strictest confidence!

The standard stock range will include the ENCLOSED slew drives (WGSE). OPEN gear systems (WGS) which are lighter are catalogued and will be imported to order.

NBC can offer various motors and gearboxes to suit. (Note for calculation purposes assume the gearing on sizes 3/5/7 is 30% efficient; all larger sizes are 40% efficient)


NBC recommends ADAN Hydraulic Motors

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