Inch Size Flanged Light Series

The "light" series is typically used in simple mechanical handling devices, loading swivels, assembly jigs, conveyors and funfair rides.

This QCB® Inch Size Flanged range mimics the US/ Imperial dimensions, gearing and bolt patterns and will interchange with KAYDON, ROTEK, SILVERTHIN and AVON units

Within the QCB®  range we can offer:-

  • The widest size range on offer
  • Double or non standard drilling patterns to order
  • High precision bearings with location diameters to order
  • Black oxide coating standard. Zinc plating, painted finish or even Nylon coatings available to order
  • A variety of separators for high temp. or high speed applications





Ungeared sizes manufactured in 50Mn, roughly equivalent to BS 080M46. All geared units made in 42crMo4 steel

Grease points

Usually supplied with 2 grease points in the static ring only, equispaced. Ungeared units will have grease points on both rings. 


Load and bolt limit curves

If both radial and axial loads act upon the bearing, these need to be converted to a single equivalent load to enable accurate graphical analysis. Bearings should operate within the prescribed triangular load area at all times.

The bolt limit curve is based on the use of Grade 8.8 bolts. An improvement to this can be achieved by using Grade 10.9 bolts, but only after consultation with and approval of the NBC Technical Department.

If the load is suspended, or the axis of rotation is not vertical, refer the application details to NBC Technical Department by e-mail on

Interchange information

Generally accepted interchange numbers are listed below. However, variations exist and all queries should be referred to our Technical Department for analysis.

Dimensional equivalence does not always imply equal performance!


In the quest for continual product improvement this information is subject to change without notice.

For all enquiries contact the NBC Slewing ring experts by phone on +44 (0)1952 222300, by fax +44(0)1952 242938 or e-mail

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, if you spot a mistake please inform the Thanks!