The optimum lubricating technique


A fully automatic, robust and reliable lubricant dispenser suitable for a wide variety of applications that will ensure an adequate supply of any number of points requiring regular lubrication over a given period of time, doing away with the need for time consuming checks and re-lubrication visits. 

  • Provides continuous lubrication at a constant rate for a set period
  • Works without maintenance or adjustment
  • Has no electric or mechanical parts and is reliable
  • Can be quickly replaced at the end of it's operating period
  • Can be used on moving and vibrating applications, even underwater
  • Rate of discharge unaffected by bearing or seal condition
  • 1, 3, 6 and 12 month operating periods
  • A wide range of lubricant fills available


  • Simple installation and activation (Instructions HERE)
  • Better mechanical reliability
  • Less down time
  • Proven in-service performance
  • Safety certificated by the TUV (Germany)
  • Economical unit cost compared to other brands
  • Experienced product support
  • Wide range of lubricants available
  • Clean and environmentally friendly

Typical applications

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Water and sewage plants
  • Lifts and elevators
  • Mining and quarrying machinery
  • Process engineering

Discharge rates

GreaseMax® functions by means of a chemical reaction that is started by screwing the starter cap into the body. Each canister contains 120 cm3 of lubricant and are available in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month discharge periods. Being chemically activated means the discharge rate can be affected by the ambeint temperature. The following table offers discharge times and rates at various temperatures:-



There are no hard and fast rules for selecting size, but experience has allowed us to develop the following guide 

Shaft size Greasemax type
100mm - 160mm 1 month
60mm - 100mm 3 month
30mm - 60mm 6 month
Up to 30mm 12 month

If the stroke of a standard grease gun is taken as 0.6cc, the Greasemax discharge rate is  roughly equivalent to 

GreaseMax unit Strokes per day
1 month 4 - 6
3 month 2 - 3
6 month 1
12 month 0.5


Various Grease Max units are stocked such as :-

03B/F035     3 month / Shell Alvania EP2
06R/F100     6 month / Food grade grease (NSF-H1)
12G/F001    12 month / Multi purpose EP grease
12G/F219    12 month / Total Ceran HV or CERAN XM 460

Other lubricants are available on demand 


GreaseMax units have a 1/4" BSP outlet, but a wide variety of accessories are available to fit almost any other grease fitting. Download the accessory list HERE.



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