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80mm Solid Series 25

The 80SS25 Series catalogues a set of slewing rings of constant cross sectional height and ranging from 855 to 1555mm outside diameter which feature a large gear module than the other "light series" bearings, and a geared ring of greater thickness than the ungeared ring, thus allowing a far greater gear force to be applied to the bearings than normal.

Such rings are popular on machines with high torque requirements.

All QCB® slewing rings in this series are manufactured in 42CrMo4 steel for superior gear strength and have pilot diameters machined in as a standard feature - which is not necessarily true for other brands.

On the sub pages we tabulate the dimensions of the bearings. The complete datasheet is available for download, as are individual PDF drawings.  CAD and 3D models can be supplied on request.

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