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Trailer rings or "Turntable bearings"

Trailer rings or turntable bearings are large diameter bearings primarily designed to allow the oscillation of trailer steering axles, but have found application in light duty industrial applications such as materials handling equipment and welding manipulators due to their low cost relative to true slewing rings.

Trailer rings are ideally suited to light, concentric loads parallel to the axis of rotation. They are not suitable for applications where there are high overturning loads, suspended loads or in applications where the axis of rotation is not vertical. Trailer rings are usually supplied undrilled and unsealed.


NBC stocks a wide range of trailer rings manufactured by both JOST and La Leonessa (Italy), but supplement this with others from Rothe Erde, BPW and RIMA where demand dictates.

In some cases a budget range is imported from the Far East. 


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