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56mm Solid Light Series 20 slewing rings

This series maintains a constant section height of 56mm across the full diameter range and the bearings usually have 20mm balls. A solid section ring improves the load carrying capacity as well as the torsional rigidity of the bearing.

NBC stocks a wide range of these units, with normal clearances and seal types for a wide variety of applications which are marketed under our QCB® label. 

SUN 20 Series - Solid section UNgeared units
SEG 20 Series - Solid section Externally Geared units
SIG 20 Series - Solid section Internally Geared units

While some other brands sometimes have location diameters machined into either inner or outer ring, this feature is standard for all QCB® bearings! This allows radial load to be passed through the bearing housing rather than depend on the shear strength of the bolts alone - important if the axis of rotation is horizontal. 

Ungeared bearings are manufactured in 50Mn steel, but from 2014 all geared bearings will be made in 42CrMo4 V for superior gear strength.

As there are so many variants of these bearings we ask that enquires not satisfied by the stock range be directed to our technical department for evaluation. Some variations we can offer include:-

  • Non standard drilling patterns
  • VITON or labyrinth seals
  • Higher precision bearings with reduced internal clearances and runouts
  • Zinc plating, black oxide, painted or Nylon coatings for corrosion resistance
  • Non standard lubricants

On the sub pages we tabulate the dimensions of the basic bearings. The complete datasheet is available for download, or individual drawings can be downloaded in PDF format. CAD and 3D models can be supplied on request.

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