Standard and special design pinions


A small stock range of Module 5, 6 and 8 metric, pilot bore pinions is held that suits the majority of light series slewing rings and applications.

A similar range of gears is being introduced for our FEG & FIG 20-61 Series imperial slewing ring range.

Pinions for high torque applications or large module slewing rings are generally designed and made to order.

Large slewing ring gears sometimes include and addendum modification factor which must be properly matched by the pinion for an efficient mesh. NBC uses some of the best software available to ensure we offer you the best solution.

In conjunction with gearbox and motor manufacturers we are able to offer complete solutions, be they electrically or hydraulically powered.


Stock pinions for FEG and FIG 20-61 Series Inch size slewing rings

PartAlt. partGear dataDimensions & Tolerance (in)Weight
# teethDPPCDGFWLTBODBossBoreKey(lbs)
± 0.015± 0.015± +0/-0.010±+0/+0.002
DP4 Z14 PB392000011443.5002.0002.8803.9002.8801.0001/46.400
DP4 Z17 PB392000021744.2502.0002.8804.6503.6301.00010.000
DP3 Z14 PB392000031434.6672.0002.8805.2003.8801.2505/1611.400
DP3 Z17 PB392000041735.6672.0002.8806.2004.8801.25018.300

Involute stub gears with 20° pressure angle

Material: 42CrMo4

Keyway to BS46 Part 1:1958 Square keys

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