Slew Drives


Slewing rings with integral worm shafts are becoming increasingly popular due to the simplicity of installation and are used in truck mounted cranes, access platforms, turntables, solar tracking devices, satellite communication systems, small wind turbines (yaw axis) and simple materials handling devices. NBC imports a range of standard ENCLOSED slew drives including the WGSE (helical gear/ worm shaft); WGWEA (worm gear/worm shaft); WGHSE (increased performance for modular transporters) and WGR (Rotation drives). Dual drive and the lighter OPEN gear systems (WGS) are catalogued but will be imported to order only. High precision and zero backlash units are similarly only imported against specific projects. NBC can offer various electric and hydraulic motors and gearboxes to suit.


WGS Series

The WGS series features an external helical gear slew ring with a single "hour glass" worm shaft system mounted on an open platform to reduce overall weight compared to the enclosed WGSE series

WGSE Series

The WGSE Series features an external helical gear slew ring with single "hour glass" worm shaft in an enclosed housing.

WGSE-2 Series

The WGSE-2 Series features an external helical gear slew ring with a dual "hour glass" worm shaft system in an enclosed housing for higher load torque

WGWEA Series

The WGWEA Series features a true worm wheel and "hour glass" worm shaft gear for superior load torque. A development of the WGSE series, the WGWEA Series units feature a true worm gear/worm shaft design for improved output torques ranging from 8KNm to…

WGHSE & WGHSE-2 Series

The WGHSE and WGHSE-2 series were developed for use in modular transporters and marine thruster pods and features a copper gear for improved performance. Available in single and double drives and imported to order only

WGR Rotation Drives

The WGR Rotation Drives consist of a worm shaft and gearing system with an integral pinion shaft, which will engage with any matching spur gear slewing ring to effect rotation. Both Metric and US spur gears can be supplied.

WGPE Precision and WGZE Zero backlash series

A range of high precision and zero backlash units for applications that demand repeatable positioning accuracy.

Slew Drive Installation

QCB Slewing drives are inherently easy to install and require little maintenance, but suitable preparation of the mounting structure is important.