GreaseMax Auto Lubricators

A fully automatic, robust and reliable lubricant dispenser suitable for a wide variety of applications.


GreaseMax units will ensure an adequate supply of any number of points requiring regular lubrication over a given period of time, doing away with the need for time consuming checks and re-lubrication visits.

  • Provides continuous lubrication at a constant rate for a set period
  • Works without maintenance or adjustment
  • Has no electric or mechanical parts and is reliable
  • Can be quickly replaced at the end of it's operating period
  • Can be used on moving and vibrating applications, even underwater
  • Rate of discharge unaffected by bearing or seal condition
  • 1, 3, 6 and 12 month operating periods
  • A wide range of lubricant fills available


  • Simple installation and activation
  • Better mechanical reliability
  • Less down time
  • Proven in-service performance
  • Safety certificated by the TUV (Germany)
  • Economical unit cost compared to other brands
  • Experienced product support
  • Wide range of lubricants available
  • Clean and environmentally friendly

Typical applications

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Water and sewage plants
  • Lifts and elevators
  • Mining and quarrying machinery
  • Process engineering

GREASE MAX® is a chemically operated automatic lubricator.

It is designed to be screwed into the bearing grease nipple seating, or onto an extension line, and to feed lubricant at a constant rate for a set period of time. There are 4 operating periods: 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. After the service time has elapsed, the unit is replaced with a new unit. Because it is self regulating it should be used in conjunction with the plant maintenance scheduling. Therefore changeovers of the GREASE MAX® can be planned and carried out at set periods.

GREASE MAX® operation is simple and trouble free. Quite frequently its capabilities are not at first appreciated because of it's simplicity. GREASE MAX® can be used anywhere; on most applications, both large and small, even underwater. Importantly, GREASE MAX® has no electrical or mechanical components and has only one moving part, which is the piston. For this reason GREASE MAX® is extremely reliable.


Discharge time and replacement of GREASE MAX®

Once the quantity of lubricant needed per lubrication point and the average temperature are known, the correct GREASE MAX® unit can be selected from the table below.

Type 01 White
1 mth
Type 03 Blue
3 mth
Type 06 Red
6 mth
Type 12 Grey
12 mth
Average environmental temp.Life in monthsGrease supply / day gramsLife in monthsGrease supply / day gramsLife in monthsGrease supply / day gramsLife in monthsGrease supply / day grams
65° C0,1524,00,50,813,621,8
55° C0,312,013,621,840,9
45° C0,57,31,52,331,260,6
35° C0,75,22,51,54,50,890,4
25° C13,631,26,00,6120,3
15° C1,52,34,50,89,00,4180,2
5° C21,860,6140,26280,13
-5° C40,9120,3240,15480,08
-15° C60,6180,2360,1
-25° C90,4270,13

Note: The average environmental temperature is the average temperature that occurs over the whole life of the unit.
Temperature variations above or below 25°C over a short period of time will have little or no affect on the overall life of GREASE MAX®. For example, periods of exceptionally hot or cold days.

The following shaft size can be taken as a guide

Shaft SizeGREASE MAX® type
100 mm - 160 mm1 mth
60 mm - 100 mm3 mth
30 mm - 60 mm6 mth
up to 30 mm12 mth

Additionally, the following „rule of thumb“ may prove helpful

In terms of strokes per day from a small hand grease gun, output approx. 0.6cc per stroke, the GREASE MAX® discharge is roughly equivalent to:

GREASE MAX® typeStrokes per day
1 mth4 - 6
3 mth2 - 3
6 mth1
12 mth0.5



A full range of adapters and fittings is available from stock. An illustrated accessory list is available from the downloads sections

Adapter BSP .” f / M 6 x 1 mAF060100
Adapter BSP .” f / M 8 x 1 mAF080100
Adapter BSP .” f / M 8 x 1,25 mAF080125
Adapter BSP .” f / M 10 x 1 mAF100100
Adapter BSP .” f / M 10 x 1,5 mAF100150
Adapter BSP .” f / M 12 x 1,5 mAF120150
Adapter BSP .” f / M 12 x 1,75 mAF120175
Adapter BSP .” f / M 14 x 2 mAF140200
Adapter BSP .” f / M 16 x 1,5 mAF160150
Adapter BSP .” f / BSP 1/8“ mAF000108
Adapter BSP .” f / BSP .“ mAF000104
Adapter BSP .” f / BSP 3/8“ mAF000308
Adapter BSP .” f / BSP .“ mAF000102
Hexagon Nipple BSP .” m, mAX000104
Sleeve BSP .“ f, fAM104000
T - Adapter for two Lubricators BSP .” f, f, mAT000104
Non – Return Valve for Oil Units BSP .“ f, mAR000104
Oil Brush 5 x 3 cm, BSP .“ fAP020045
Angle 45° BSP .“ f, mAW450104
Angle 90° BSP .“ f, mAW900104
Clamp for GREASE MAX®AH000500
Clamp for Non - Return ValveAH000501
Tube Nylon 6/8 mm X 1 meterASS00100
Tube Connection Lubricator 6/8 mm / BSP .“ fASI00104
Tube Connection Greasing Point 6/8 mm / BSP .“ mASA00104
Tube Connection Greasing Point 6/8 mm / BSP 1/8“ mASA00108
Extension Metal BSP .“ f, m / 30 mmAM104030
Extension Metal BSP .“ f, m / 80 mmAM104080
Extension Metal BSP .“ f, m / 120 mmAM104120


GreaseMax units are available with the following grease fills:-

F001 General purpose EP grease

Universal lubrication of plain, ball and roller bearings for plant, equipment and vehicles. Contains highly effective EP additives and has good adhesion and corrosion protection. Optimum lubrication performance even under extreme conditions. Operating temperature range -30°C to 120°C. Equivalent to SKF LGEP2 and LGMT2.

F002 High temperature grease

From -30°C to 150°C / 170°C short term. Special grease for a wide temperature range. Suitable for highly loaded plain and rolling bearings, joints, hinges and guides. Long-term properties, water and steam resistant, resistant to aqueous acids and alkalis. Equivalent to SKF LGHP2, LGWA2 & LGWM1.

F003 Multi purpose grease for plain bearings + MoS2

Normal to heavily loaded plain and roller bearings even in dusty and moist conditions. Emergency lubrication properties with solid lubricant MoS2.

F004 CV joint/ high temperature Grease + MoS2:

Highly loaded plain and roller bearings, wide temperature application range, long-term and emergency lubrication features, resistant to aggressive media.

F006 open gear grease

For the lubrication of gears and linear guides. Good pumpability. Suitable for extension lines for hard to reach lubrication points.

F100 Food Grade Grease NSF-H1

Synthetic high performance grease for the food, pharmaceutical and stock feed industries. Universally applicable, high power reserves at -40°C to + 180°C. Equivalent to SKF LGFP2.

F176 Extreme temperature grease

A Perfluropolyether grease for plain and rolling bearings in extreme temperature applications such as tunnel ovens, furnaces and boilers, conveyor ovens etc. Equivalent to LGET2.

F177 Ultra heavy duty grease

A lithium soap grease for the lubrication of very heavily loaded plain and roller bearings. Equivalent to SKF LGEV2.

F219 High load, high temperature grease

A calcium sulfonate lithium complex grease with superb water resistance suitable for the lubrication of a wide range of rolling bearings in wet, hot applications.Equivalent to SKF LGHB2.

F239 Specifically for QCB Slew drives

An anti-wear grease which combines the features of a synthetic base fluid with an organo-clay (non soap) thickener compatible with the factory specified grease used in QCB Slew drives

For assistance in the selection of lubricant talk to our Technical team

Downloads included data on GreaseMax installation and operation, accessories and the grease range available

F001 General purpose grease

(PDF) 1,147.63 KB

F002 High temperature grease

(PDF) 1,070.16 KB

F004 MoS2 grease for CV joints

(PDF) 1,071.36 KB

F006 Open gear grease

(PDF) 1,143.47 KB

F100 Food grade grease (H1)

(PDF) 1,227.63 KB

F177 Ultra heavy duty grease

(PDF) 1,116.40 KB

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